October 29, 2009


   SONG                                               TAPE 

Angels #2                                      A Junkies Kiss
Baby Takes A Fall                     Pictures In the Mail
Bad Guy # 2                                 Little Mo
Biting On Clouds                        Butterfly Bombs
Born Dying                                  A Junkies Kiss
Break Down                                 Experiments 2006
Broken Cradles                          Ghosts
Call Your Name                         She’s Got Roses
Chemical City                             Pictures In The Mail
Circles                                            A Junkies Kiss
Coats On Fire                              Shamans Dance
Crash                                              She’s Got Roses
Cross Of Gold                              Little Mo
Dreams Away                              Digging Up The Bones
Dreams Kill                                  A Junkies Kiss
Electricity                                    Experiments 2006
Faith In The Night                    Ghosts
Fire                                                  Shes Got Roses
Firemen                                         Pictures In The Mail
Flags                                                Little Mo
Forlorn                                          A Junkies Kiss
Ghosts                                            Ghosts
Heaven Can Wait                      Shamans Dance
Hey Mo                                         Ghosts
Holiday Inn                                 Barbwired Hearts
Horses                                           Shamans Dance
Humans                                        Shes Got Roses
I Believe You                              Electricity
I Loved One                                 Electricity
Icarus Unbound                        Barbwired Hearts
In My Eyes                                   Little Mo
In My Eyes # 2                           Shes Got Roses
Inside My Head                         Digging Up The Bones
Institution                                    Pictures In The Mail
Junkies Kiss                                A Junkies Kiss
Judy Judy                                    Digging Up The Bones
Kiss Away                                    Shamans Dance
Little Mo                                       Little Mo
Lonely Tonight                          Pictures In The Mail
Loves Hiding                              Shes Got Roses
Loves Hiding # 2                       Electricity
Marys Boy                                   Little Mo
Mr Spock                                      Electricity
My Disease                                  A Junkies Kiss
My Empty Gun                          Barbwired Hearts
Nov0cane                                    Pictures In The Mail
On Your Pillow                          Shamans Dance
Over You                                      Electricity
Pi Squared                                   Ghosts
Pictures In The Mail                Pictures In The Mail
Prairie Fires                                Barbwired Hearts
Red Moth Rising                       A Junkies Kiss
Remembrance                            Digging Up The Bones
Say It For Me                             Electricity
Say It # 2                                     Electricity
She Rose Sunday                      She Rose Sunday
She Takes It All                         Digging Up The Bones
Shes Got Roses                          Shamans Dance
Shes The Bad Guy                    Butterfly Bombs
Shes Your Lover Now            Butterfly Bombs
Shes Your Lover # 2               Barbwired Hearts
Shamans Dance                         Shamans Dance
Silhouette                                    Ghosts
Sister Day                                    Shamans Dance
Skeleton Bones                         Barbwired Hearts
Slicer                                             Digging Up The Bones
Slip Away                                    Butterfly Bombs
Slow Mo                                       Shamans Dance
Snow Horses                              Butterfly Bombs
Take Back The Night             Butterfly Bombs
The Conversation                   Pictures In The Mail
The Remedy                              Pictures In The Mail
Third Time Down                   Shamans Dance
This Religion                            Ghosts
Too Many Angels A               Junkies Kiss
Turn Around                            Digging Up The Bones
Valentines Day                         Little Mo
Wake Me                                    Experiments 2006
Walk Alone                                Digging Up the Bones
Walk On By                                Barbwired Hearts
Walk On By #2                          Pictures In The Mail
White Bread                               Little Mo
When Mercy Strikes              Electricity
Winter                                          Shamans Dance
Wyoming                                     Little Mo
You Won’t Be The Same      Shes Got Roses



October 19, 2009

For those of you who have been reading my site there have been some new changes here. The big new feature is that you can now listen to all of the 4-Track Tapes that I made over the years  along with all of the  lyrics as well. I’ve got it set up so you can pick whichever tape you want from Digging Up The Bones to the final Ghosts tape and you can find them all in the  Categories section on the right side of the page here under Basement Tapes. Also don’t forget to check out my poems. I have three collections of them here called  Winterground , A Small Attempt At Existence and Red Moth Rising . I also encourage you to check out my other fellow conspirators in my Blogroll Links including Rain, Faerie Artiste, Karen Spencer, and especially Gypsy Butterfly who has her new CD out Whispers Of My Heart. You can find them all just below the Categories sections. My web address for this site is justjames11.wordpress.com. or you can just Bookmark me now. Otherwise this is still just the imagination of someone after sunset.  Just…..james

Note: All songs and poems are Poor Mans Copyright through Registered Mail.