August 3, 2011

All poems by james minshall  1990/1991/1998/1999


August 3, 2011


watch hands unfold from fists
into humble supplication
as defiant eyes bow down
to the promise of redemption

scars carefully concealed
await touch to heal them

as pieces of the heart
are held out in exchange
for the discovery of self

I Searched For God

August 3, 2011

I searched for god
but found a woman instead
a more serious religion

a dreamless tomb
resurrected in your room
then comes the crucifixion

roman eyes
the fall from grace
to lay upon your cross
where is the absolution
from this sin called love

no act of contrition
will forgive them now

only words are left
to worship her by


August 3, 2011

Winter doesn’t become you
you hide in it too well
until it becomes so cold
it burns

this is the season
for smashing snowmen
until only black coal eyes remain

this is the time
to move the sun
and blossom

like the rose
you should be

Revenge Of The Roses

August 3, 2011

Where words no longer can be spoken
messages become lost between roses
as the truth conspires to unfold
these scenes once more before my mind

forgiveness becomes more precious
by the moment as sunsets wave
draws me further from your eyes
she will never know your name now

these are but shadows that cannot be
touched upon lightly even with a kiss
better to wait and guard these weapons
and let roses remain the best revenge


August 3, 2011

The compass breaks
as prospectors
far beyond borders
become lost among
faces plain

a glacial touch
exposed to a winter
that no sun can warm

they strike at love
goldminers desperate
to lay claim to the night

where not even an aurora
can amaze anymore

Broken Glass

August 3, 2011

Can you leave the safe places
where you hide your heart

walk past rooms
fingers softly brushing
against closed doors
forever forbidden
forever denied
whose truth was this ?

broken faith
broken vows
made without ceremony
before altars
or carpeted aisles
trails lost
for those who follow

awaken dreams
unfold old hopes
and leave gowns
upon the floor

watch broken glass
cut rings around
our fingers


August 3, 2011

Is it true
what they say
about horses

the silhouette
of lovers
walking down
the hall

i want
to go back
to your river

Slow Dancing

August 3, 2011

Sex has become
the prelude to love

we touch each other
with gloved hands
shedding our skin without
afraid to reveal whats within

no foreshadowing
of the event
we lose the journey
for the shortcut

we have forgotten
the lost art
of slow dancing
in the living room


August 3, 2011

And when you lost your wisdom teeth
did you lose your wisdom too
did you lose your truths

like samson
hair shorn in love
did you leave your strengths behind

with the lessons learned
and the memories burned
from having too much faith
for believing in the night

what is a tooth lost
compared with these
if you’ve lost your dreams
then i sympathize

Unto The Night

August 3, 2011

Rumors poised
so delicately
upon the balance

i look for eyes
that once haunted me
for hands
that never touched

broken unto the night
i am where you have
placed me

so intimately

The Melancholy Of Micha

August 3, 2011

It was you
for the moment

thoughts of emotion
momentarily confused

i reach for you
not there

comfortably enclosed
in this illusion
i fall back and face
encounters of your

these eyes
will not haunt me
this night


August 3, 2011

I’m so tired
of this religion
that i have made of you
as i prayed within
the comfort of your arms

she lay before me
this is my body
a tear fell and i drank it
this is my blood

a sacrifice
unto the night
without even the promise
of a resurrection

god stayed
Abrahams hand

why not mine ?

Old Bones

August 3, 2011

For too many years
he dwelt in the darkness
afraid to face the coming
of another dawn

as skeletons
devoured by dreams
lay at guard
at the entrances
of this cave

old bones
begin to rise
as flesh forms upon flesh
and like small child standing
taking first tentative steps
the heart beats faster

eyes ablaze
by the brightness
of  the sun
he raises his head
in search of the old scents
of the forest


August 3, 2011

She makes me
smile shyly

returns me to
when making love
was holding hands

first virgin kiss
she touched my face
and my soul came out
to greet me

her smile
is just enough

White Skin

August 3, 2011

Her white skin
in the morning

the soft pause
as she combs her hair

is this the dream
that will kill me yet ?