October 27, 2011

The Conversation
Pictures In The Mail
Lonely Tonight
The Remedy
Walk On By # 2
Baby Takes A Fall
Chemical City

Recorded Summer 1997



October 27, 2011

I don’t believe the words you say
between your lips i turn away
and it all leads into the mind
i find myself i’m calling

the answers of another time
they will not fit and then i find
one by one we turn to fall
i hear the sound i’m calling

where are all the firemen
on their engines every one
a dream i had when i was young
they seem so far away

the simple things the points of view
your passions rage leaves me confused
the mind conceals what the heart can feel
whose image is it us that’s real

i cannot live under the mind
as they all fall into the lines
the faces burning on the walls
i find myself  i’m calling

where come all the firemen
on their engines every one
the dream i had when i was young
they seem so far away


October 27, 2011

If they only knew then they’d understand
there are very few who can take my hand
too many times i’ve been drowned out by the rain
if i had no feelings i wouldn’t feel no pain

i always close in on someone i know
different directions turn into one road
but it always ends up in a love like abel and cane
if i had no feelings i wouldn’t feel no pain

they say true love is always there
but for me that loves never fair
every time i go out i come back maimed
if i had no feelings i wouldn’t feel no pain

The Conversation

October 27, 2011

What do you want me to say
i don’t know how to get through
i make up conversation
take up my concentration
but you’re never there at all

i try everyday
to think what i’ll say to you
i make up phony words
pretend that i have heard
not talking not saying much at all

there’s nothing left to say
your silence screams at me
this conversation stopped
communications shot
did you want me to say that i love you

Pictures In the Mail

October 27, 2011

Got your letter yesterday
i see your face i turn away
memory breaks another day
these pictures in the mail

photographs begin to fade
the black and white has turned to gray
it’s not the same as yesterday
these pictures in the mail

try to take another view
but everything turns back to you
i wonder are you’re looking too
at pictures in the mail

Lonely Tonight

October 27, 2011

If you’re lonely tonight
you can’t hold onto a memory
if you’re lonely tonight
you can always come and call on me
i searched this whole damn city
i’ve been walking through the rain
but i could never find nobody
who could touch and heal the pain
if you’re lonely tonight

if you’re lonely tonight
what are you waiting for
did you see the poem i left for you
upon your bedroom door
is that you i hear knocking
why don’t you come through
lonely no more
all the night through

on this bed of roses
on this bed of stone
but i know the only bed for me
is waiting here alone
you can’t blame it on the memories
blame it on the dream
all thats left now is the shame
blame it all on me
but if you’re lonely tonight

The Remedy

October 27, 2011

I’m glad you’ve got the remedy
i’m glad you’ve got the time
to spend a little while with me
though i am so tired
we could trade our silver spoons
we could bend the night
they’re closing out the tunnels
they’re closing out our minds

the winners had to win
the losers had to lose
but they spit into my face
and stole my dancing shoes
you could have been my friend
but now you’re lost as me
morning all that was
and now will never be

we could be the sinners
we could be the saints
so many poems left
we had to paint
somebodies picture
there on the wall
we’re heading for the edge
we’re heading for the fall

i’m just a p.o.w
the guards are on my t.v. screen
i’m standing here you’re over there
they’re spying on our dreams
my pinholes are getting emptier
it’s harder now to find
the equinox is burning off
they’re closing out our minds

Walk On By # 2

October 27, 2011

We didn’t break up
oh no i blew up
i didn’t come down
baby i fell down

walk on by my window
walk on by my door

i got to break hold
i got to stay cold
i got to stay mean
i got to stay clean

walk on by my window
walk on by my door

i need a new love
not an old love
i need an old hand
for a new land
i got to break out
i got to fake out
i got to break clean
i got to make a scene….

Baby Takes A Fall

October 27, 2011

With the night comes the pain
and the nightmares they reign
and the dreams in your heart
cut closer to the bone
and the mainline is running
and the daylight is coming
it’s a hollywood day
and you’re still here alone
and though she’s not around
she still brings you down
you see her there
when baby takes a fall

you try not to hurt
when these feelings turn to words
and the guitars they play
until the image fades
and whats the use of hoping
when all your dreams are broken
you light up the match
and then you slip away
the only sound
that you here coming down
is baby when she takes a fall

it’s so hard to find
that little peace of mind
when the emptiness strays
and leads you away
in the light of the dawn
you keep pushing on
and you get down and pray
tomorrow never stays
but she’s waiting there still
and all that you feel
is baby when she takes a fall


October 27, 2011

I’m not gonna be your revolution
i’m not gonna be your solution
i’m not here to take your call
i’m not gonna be your institution

i’m not gonna be your generation
i don’t want to be your explanation
i’m not gonna stand against your walls
i’m not gonna be your institution

i don’t want to be your situation
i don’t want to be your information
find the answers on your own
i don’t want to be your institution

Chemical City

October 27, 2011

Just another girl from chemical city
born to be a girl from chemical city
i want a girl from chemical city
can’t live in your world of chemical city

and when she looks at me
my eyes start burning red
and when she touches me
the poisons in my head

i want a chemical city
all i need is a chemical city girl

Jareds Blues

October 27, 2011