October 28, 2011

She Rose Sunday
You Won’t Be The Same
Loves Hiding
Fire (Instrumental)
Call Your Name
In My Eyes # 2

Recorded Spring 1993

She Rose Sunday

October 28, 2011

I saw her in the morning
she stepped out of the light
i loved her till the sun went down
she moved into the night
i touched her in the evening
the sun set in my eyes
i loved her for a moment
i fell into the sky

she rose sunday
she is now alive again
she rose sunday
alive she’s come again

i saw her in the morning
she came out of the night
i loved her in the evening
i stepped out in the night
she fell down beside me
we fell through the sun
i touched her for a moment
she touched me she was gone

and she rose sunday
she is now alive again
and she rose sunday
alive she cried again

by james minshall & roger cooper


October 28, 2011

Dirty lies incorporate
flexing green appropriate
assassinate investigate
your washings almost clean

polivision superstar
make a million steal the car
kill the children you’ll go far
you know what i mean

and i’m wondering
where the humans are

prime time tv network boss
screaming about a moral loss
in comes winter touching frost
they cut you to the bone

encyclopedia plain permission
holding onto a single vision
wiped out on a strategic commission
they got you here alone

and i’m wondering
where the humans are

thoughts surround me thoughts i hear
thoughts of one thoughts of fear
think of words think resist
thoughts are captured thoughts are his
thoughts controlled thoughts defend
thoughts defeated in my head
thoughts are different thoughts i say
thoughts denied put me away

and i’m wondering
where the humans are

You Won’t Be The Same

October 28, 2011

It’s time to close the curtains
time to lock the doors
time i closed my eyes
here you are once more
i know that you’re just playing
i know i’m just a game
for when i wake i know now
you won’t be the same

i only have to whisper
to find you there again
a shadow in the darkness
a voice outside the pain
i know you’re just a mystery
you’ll go back the way you came
and when i wake beside you
you won’t be the same

you promise me illusions
with your fingers you can trace
you lead me past confusions
then take me there again
i know that there’s no future
that i must wait again
and when you wake beside me
you won’t be the same


October 28, 2011

Jackies on the corners running out of hope
bobbys got the money and a plane to fly the dope
but they closed down all the airports from miami to l.a.
they didn’t see it coming but they came down anyway
crash baby crash

they had to buy a bottle cause it was friday night
with susie in the back seat they hit the freeway side
they came around the corners everything went down
now the bottles almost empty and there’s blue glass on the ground
crash baby crash

they tried to call the president but they didn’t have the time
they started pushing buttons they were pointing at the sky
when i heard the angels singing by and by the vapor trails
they were fifty miles a coming when the whole damn race just failed
crash baby crash

Loves Hiding

October 28, 2011

Loves hiding in the basement
loves hiding neath the stairs
loves running down the pavement
loves waiting by the chair

we’re digging up bones
digging up rail yards
digging up steel and concrete glass
we’re digging for time
digging for freedom
digging up dreams that have no past

loves running through the station
loves dancing presidents grave
loves moving through the nation
loves laying an empty bed

we’re moving up roads
moving on freeways
moving on time and empty cash
moving on steam
moving on mainlines
moving off dreams that never last

Fire (Instrumental)

October 28, 2011

Just an Instrumental so sorry no lyrics

Call Your Name

October 28, 2011

I call your name but there’s no answer
it’s all the same what am i after
you cause the pain what can i do
do it again i’m calling you

you play the game for all to see
you change the game so you can be
you take my hand then walk away
you turn around you make me say

you say that you want to be free
you close me eyes so you can see
you’re just a face inside the crowd
don’t act too strange don’t be so proud

In My Eyes # 2

October 28, 2011

You try words are empty
you cry then you forget me
you stand here beside me
you turn going right past me

culture here surrounds you
diamonds the price i pay
i fight to get inside you
i fall into your face

i’ve been waiting through the night
i can’t see you in my eyes
i’ve been waiting through the night
i can’t find you in these eyes

i danced to your box
you move here i’m lost
no sound outside these walls
your kiss who are you calling now

October 28, 2011