October 29, 2011

Digging Up The Bones-  1991

Dreams Away
She Takes It All
Inside My Head
Walk Alone
Turn Around

Recorded Summer 1991

Dreams Away

October 29, 2011

When i turned towards you
you were never there
when i turned away from you
that’s when i find you care

the mind conceals
what the heart can feel
whose image is it now
is it us that’s real

give you my heart you want my soul
give you a part you want it all
give you the rose you chose the blade
and then you cut the dreams away

making love
with only words
voices tough
but still not heard


October 29, 2011

Turn away another meaning
hold the dream a change in time
face this way where are we going
trapped in this state

force the change who moves for you
standing still against the rain
taking aim into the structures
the time we take

and i remember what you said

turn this way who moves for you
pray towards the gods we break
face the strange who am i calling
i just can’t wait

She Takes It All

October 28, 2011

Wait just a moment going too fast
i want it all but i want it to last
there’s no reflection nothing at all
all she wants is someone to call

a graceless beauty that never waits
first she fakes and then she breaks
i’ve got the questions she’s got the needs
there aren’t no promises just what you see

and she takes and she takes
she takes it all
and she takes and she takes
she takes my soul away

what do you see when you turn off the light
i want to see it in your eyes
just give me one word one’s all i need
is it you you love or is it me

Inside My Head

October 28, 2011

Mary calls out for an answer
waits all day to question me
mary moves towards the shadows
i can hear her call for me

mary calls for me to answer
dragging me down to her needs
mary moves into the shadows
i can hear her pray for me

inside my head she said
inside my head

mary screams out for an answer
what can it be that no one see’s
mary moves beyond the shadows
i can hear her scream for me


October 28, 2011

Dark night standing on the corners
no sight pulling off a loner
can’t fight they’re driving me under the skin

judy judy
how can i get through to you
judy judy
i’m slipping out of you

we exchanged eyes down on the border
your glass body shines as we get older
i’m nothing more than a colour burst in your mind

i’m down man they push me under
i drown from the rain and the thunder
no sound the needle slips under the skin

judy judy
how can i get through to you
judy judy
i’m slipping out of you

Walk Alone

October 28, 2011

I saw you in the morning
i caught you in the light
i loved you till the sun went out
i moved into the night

i heard somebody laughing
i heard somebody scream
would you be my candle
and burn me with a dream

i’ll walk away
i’ll walk alone

i sold my soul to have you
twice now to forget
would i sell it for a third time
to have you back again

Turn Around

October 28, 2011

Outside the moment
in the shadow of the eye
when the whispers come out slowly
and they open up the sky
i heard the voices calling
i thought i heard your name
but the mystery divides us
then leaves me with the blame

turn around
turn around look again once more

i was hoping for a reason
but all i get is lies
when the hand came down to touch us
and it opened up your eyes
i see the clouds all rising
frozen to the wall
it’s getting near the hour
and it’s time for us to go


October 28, 2011

I jump my mind to see the day
you turn around i turn away
what am i for what can i do
is what i see really you

remembering to forget
remembering i’d get you yet
remembering what’s it for
remembering let her go

wasted day waste away
is see your words but not your face
the rage of fears the rage of  tears
the rage of you and those lost years

remembering to forget
remembering what i said
remembering what’s it for
remembering let her go
remembering yesterday
remembering it’s gone away
remembering what’s it for
remembering let her go

October 28, 2011